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AXA health insurance is an integral part of the AXA insurance company. As one of the UK's major health insurance providers, AXA can offer various flexible plans that will suit individuals and their families, senior citizens and groups such as employees etc.

Many of AXA's health insurance products offers several benefits as standard. Their policies are reasonably priced and can be easily afforded by the majority of people residing in the United Kingdom.

They offer reasonable monthly payment schemes that the majority of their client base facilitate rather than paying an annual fee. When comparing their cover to other UK health insurance providers, AXA's policies should be considered excellent value.

AXA Health care Offers

On several occasions, AXA health care offer savings and benefits on many products that can help reduce the cost of customer's policies. Their insurance products will cover clients in many medical or surgical emergencies as well as some routine health procedures. Their premiums have a wide variety of benefits and options as standard that will ensure their ever growing client base will remain very satisfied.

About AXA

From the AXA Website

" AXA health and health insurance are part of one of the world’s largest insurance company, the AXA Group. AXA PPP healthcare have been helping people to access the medical care they need for over 75 years and paid out £934.6m in healthcare benefits in 2015. By choosing us you’ll benefit from a network of over 250 hospitals and almost 400 scanning centres – all specially selected because of their quality and the range of services they can offer. "

AXA Insurance Online

Purchasing an online policy from the AXA website is relatively easy. Click the link below and follow their step-by-step instructions and your personal quote will be calculated within a few moments.

Contact AXA Insurance

Below you will find contact details for AXA compiled by our research team at UK Insurance.

Website:    AXA Health Insurance

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Telephone:     0800 587 0843

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AXA Insurance Notes

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What is Health Insurance?

Although the NHS is designed to provide medical treatment and support to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay, many people choose to pay for private health insurance. Having health insurance will mean shorter waiting times, shorter waiting times for appointments or surgery, quicker diagnosis and better facilities, such as a private room.


Top Performing UK Health Insurance Companies

Here are a few of the best performing UK health insurance companies according to the figures released by the insurance industry and retail watchdogs.

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