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Welcome to our Car Insurance website. Our only policy is to help and advise car owners how to get the best deals in car insurance in the UK from local companies, insurance comparison websites, as well as brokers, The team are volunteers possessing great knowledge, that they are willing to share, in all aspect of the car insurance industry. Throughout the website the team will explain the different types of car insurance, how to avoid the various pitfalls, where to get the best deals as well as the many do's and don't of getting a policy that will suit your individual needs.

We have divided the website in to various sections that can be easily visited by clicking any of the navigation buttons at the top of every web page. Each of these sections are then subdivided into several categories / pages and each page will be full of advise describing the how's and whys of obtaining certain car insurance, whether it's classic car insurance, van insurance, motorcycle insurance or insurance for young drivers.

The Team at Car Insurance UK

As previously mentioned, the website has been published updated and maintained by several car and car insurance enthusiasts who are willing to pass on their knowledge to other car owners. The team consists of men and women of all ages. They have researched several well known online car insurance websites as well as UK and Northern Ireland comparison sites and have reported their findings in the corresponding sections of the site.

We have also spent many hours researching hundreds of in dependant car insurance companies and brokers situated in the United Kingdom, The team have published information of each and every company and broker including addresses, phone numbers, websites as well as trading histories and other important information. All this material is freely available in the companies section of the site and can be important for any consumer needing information regarding a car insurance company or broker.


Using this Car Insurance UK Website

As previously stated, the information available in the this Car Insurance UK website is completely free to browse. All the information that we have published is correct as far to our knowledge and no member of our team is affiliated or belongs to any car insurance company either national, independent or local.

The information published has been checked and rechecked and as far as we are concerned is accurate at the time of publication. The aim of our team is to try and make sense of the car insurance industry and help make it easier to understand for all our users.

Purchasing car insurance is serious and with our help we can point you in the right direction and could possibly save you hundreds of pounds. Shop around when you look for the best policy you will find big difference in the quotes companies offer.

Always read the small print of policies and find out criteria such as access charges for each claim, coverage for window breakages, reduction of costs where cars are parked in garages or in driveways etc.


Contacting our Car Insurance Team

Our team are willing to answer any questions and help with all queries. Click on the contact link at the bottom of any of the web pages in the site and fill in the message box and we will reply as soon as we can.

Car insurance companies and brokers can also contact the team if they find that the details of their company are entered wring or if they have a change of address, email website or telephone number has changed. The team here will gladly update any page on request.